Episode 1

Published on:

26th Apr 2021

Go Beyond Numbers - The Human Capitals

In the inaugural episode of Go Beyond Numbers, listen as host, Ryan Ruff, sits down with the Founding Partner of Rose, Snyder & Jacobs LLP, Tony Rose, to launch the podcast.

At the very foundation of understanding ourselves and how we should not only conduct our business but also our personal lives, Tony has identified the key principles entitled "The Human Capitals."

So sit back, relax, and enjoy an enlightening conversation surrounding these essential elements that, when harnessed and fine-tuned, can lead to drastic improvements in various forms of your life.


00:08 - Show introduction and overview on the show as a whole

02:00 - What are The Human Capitals?

06:40 - Why it's important for CEO's, entrepreneurs, and family businesses to consider

11:30 - Where the idea for The Human Capitals arose from

17:00 - How to know if you have these capitals within your business

19:23 - How to measure each one of the capitals

23:30 - How our Social Capital has been altered due to Covid-19 pandemic

28:45 - "I got this"

30:34 - Closing remarks

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About the Podcast

Go Beyond Numbers
Rose, Snyder & Jacobs LLP take the conversation beyond numbers
Bringing over 40 years of experience working with businesses and their owners in the manufacturing, real estate and service sectors, Founding Partner of Rose, Snyder & Jacobs LLP, Tony Rose, dives into the world beyond numbers.

As the founding partner of the firm prominent tax and accounting firm, Tony spends his days providing management consulting advice to closely-held corporations, family owned businesses, partnerships, and the high net worth individuals that own them. Many believe his daily conversations surround the black and white figures on a client's spreadsheet. However, that's far from the truth.

Tune into each episode where Tony shares life lessons and learnings from thought leaders and change makers across the nation. Each conversation, each episode, is meant to provide you with knowledge that can be applied to your own life or business practices.

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