Episode 14

Published on:

6th Feb 2023

Go Beyond Numbers - The Do's and Dont's When Filing Your Taxes!

Tax season is upon us and there are so many details to consider!

On the latest installment of Go Beyond Numbers, Tony and Ryan explore a handful of items to consider when filing your personal or business taxes this year. They also dive into the common mistakes that people are making, when filing their taxes, in today's day and age.

Get a pen and paper ready because this episode is packed with helpful pointers!


0:06 - Introduction and overview on the topic of the day

1:15 - An interesting article that Tony read

5:48 - Ryan's experience with calling the IRS to get information

6:27 - The IRS's workforce is depleted

8:45 - Tax practitioner's priority phone line with the IRS

10:37 - Tax law changes that we should be considering this year

14:20 - Cryptocurrency and how it should be approached when filing your taxes

18:56 - The benefits of utilizing a tax professional to navigate this complex world

23:32 - Tony's work as an advisor

28:31 - The misconceptions and common mistakes made when filing taxes

32:34 - How to get in touch with Tony and his team

34:36 - Closing remarks

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